Kingsley Gardner, KGM Entertainment, Music Manager & Producer
Vickie has a wealth of knowledge and information from being in the industry for so long. I can always trust her judgement. We have a great synergy together and know what it takes to make a project work. We know how to build a winning team.
Melissa Hyland, Actress & Mother of Sarah Hyland, star of Modern Family
We stayed with Vickie for as long as we did because she has all the connections and strong relationships with casting directors and talent agents. She really thinks about building the client's career, and thinks about the bigger picture. She has an incredible eye for what fits; when she feels a person is right for a role she stands behind her decision. From music to theater, Vickie is one of the most well-rounded managers I've ever met.
John E. Shea , Talent Agent & Head of Frontier Booking International
Vickie has a lot of foresight in this industry. She is always taking her clients in different directions. She had the foresight to take a multi-platinum selling music client [Billy Crawford] and steer him successfully into acting [Cheche in Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist] to make him a more well rounded performer. I have 28 years of experience in this industry and she has more years than me! She is part of the wiser "older generation" and she is incredibly loyal and hard working.
Barbara Coleman, Talent Agent at Innovative Artists
For over 30 years, Victoria Frankmano has been the consummate professional. She is smart, capable, and creative. She can problem solve like no other. She cares deeply about her work, her clients. A wonderful mother, a terrific friend, the kind of person who is described as "salt of the earth". I am proud to know her, to work with her, and to call her my friend. Angeles, and he booked the job.
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2 Practice Character Breakdowns
2 Practice Scripts
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Headshots and Composite Cards
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Over 36 years worth of experience

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Knowledge. Experience. Proficiency. These three words can best describe Vickie Frankmano,renowned personal talent manager, talent development specialist, and executive producer.Vickie Frankmano has over 30 years of experience in Personal Management. She has ignited the careers of such notable acts as the young Raven Symone, the late and beloved Merlin Santana, and has secured major clients on blockbuster films and classic TV projects that have become household names such as; Fame, Fame (TV series), Good Times, Happy Days, Roots: Second Generation, Ain't Misbehaving, Annie, Ryan's Hope, King and I, and the list continues.

Vickie worked for Selma Rubin Talent Management for 12 years before venturing out and created her own company, Cuzzins Management. At Cuzzins, Vickie landed talent in The Cosby Show, Moesha, Getting By, The Steve Harvey Show, Spanglish, Falcone, The Audrey Hepburn Story, Object of My Affection, Sister Sister, Modern Family and more. In 2004, Vickie and her partner dissolved Cuzzins Management, and V & M Talent Management was created.

For Vickie Frankmano, Personal Management is just that, personal, and she will always continue to strive to achieve the best opportunities for her clients.

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